“How Much To Paint A Room?!”

How much to paint a room?  This is one of the most common questions I come across in the painting game.  It’s pretty much like asking how long a piece of string is.  There’s a so many variables an experienced painter has to take into account before putting a price together.

Is anyone living in the room? If so will all their belongings be packed away and stored in another room or will everything be pushed into the centre?  Do you want the ceilings painted or just the walls.  Did the previous painter use enamel based paint or water based paint.  Is there water damage or do the walls have wallpaper on them?  I could go on forever, like I said there is so many variables to painting a room that a price cannot be given over the phone.  If someone is prepared to give you a price sight unseen the alarm bells should be going off.

When you do get the painter in to give you a quote make sure you know what you want, theres nothing worse than getting to a job and the client doesn’t know what they want, it becomes almost impossible to quote.  Sure a good painter can educate you as to what needs doing but the scope of work has to be clear for both parties otherwise you create the potential for headaches to emerge down the road.  It’s really important to have your colours picked out before the painter arrives.  Different colours require more coats and sometimes different styles of prep.  A Painter is not an interior designer, more than likely if you ask a painter for advice for colours they will tell you white is a good colour,  I always recommend a white with a couple of drops of black tint, otherwise known as Painters White.  It covers well, is easy to use and I know it hides discrepancies on the surface.

There is no quick answer to know how long it takes to paint a room, as we say in painting it takes as long as it takes and the rule of thumb is it will take longer than you think!

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